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LOST ALL FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(5 posts)

LOST ALL FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sydro
Aug 29, 2003 5:30 PM
There are two reasons I am writing this. One is BUYERS BE WARE! The other is this"fine gentelman" told me he was going to write me up on my behavior... I was lookong on the site for a good trail bike. I had called or e-mailed about a few. I had the normal aprehention about buying online, especially from someone I knew nothing about. Turns out if I had sent this guy money and recieved his "as new" JUNK in the mail, I would forever be kicking myself in the rear. I would also be in a long and painful battle to get my money back. Here is my story. I saw a Specialized Enuro w/ 6" of travel advertized, it said as new. When I compared The picture of a scratched up bike to a statement in the ad that said "I haven't noticed any chips" I should have just moved on and saved a lot of pain. But I called Vin. He told me everything on the bike was new or rebuilt, on and on. The next day Vin called me and we talked more about this "ultimate bike". I live in New Hampshire, Vin lives in Conneticut. The next day Vin called and asked if I had any free time that afternoon. I thought he was going to suggest we meet half way. Which I was going to do. But he said he would bring the bike up as his parent live in Maine and he was going to visit them. I met him and he pulls out the bike. It was not all. I was willing to over look that because the mechanicals are more important than looks, even on an

'as new" bike. However the scrathes on the leaky "just rebuilt" front fork, the shaking head under braking, the gowged derailer that was also "new" (read the ad), the old chain, The destoyed seat, complete with suspention post, the aray of used tires I could have the honor of choosing from, the rear tire rubbing on the frame, only because "it had to much air in it", the not sure if it was a 17" or 19", on and on did make me decide I didn't want to give Vin my $1,100 dallars. Even thought he had sold for $1,400 at least twice before! I tried to tell him politely.Vin however started screaming and telling me how this bike was the best bike on earth, and in a Hitleresque moment shouted that it was what everone should be riding. He turned into a used car salesman and Asked what do I have to do to sell you this bike? So if you want an Enduro contact Vin @ he also has what I am betting is a really nice Big Hit for sale also. The sad thing is there are no dought alot of good deals on this site, but I don't dare tough them with a ten foot pole now.
LOL : OZenJones
Aug 30, 2003 6:21 AM
Actually, that a fairly funny story... at least in reading it... I am sure it was a bit more traumatic having it happen-live and in person to you.
Sep 2, 2003 5:57 AM
Recently have been in conversation with james begg" who claims he is from South Africa. After explaining that I can take a credit card or money order, I recieve this from him...

Here is his last message:

ok thanks for your reply to my request so i will need your name,address and phone# as soon as possible to send you a money order for the payment of the car and also i will be sending my shipper down to your place for the pickup of the car as soon as you recieve the cheque for the payment so also the payment will be send to you via a client of mine in the U.K. that is owing me the total sum of ($6,500) so as soon as you have recieve the money order for the payment you will have to send the balance of the money straight to my shipper via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER so reply me back with your fullname address and phone# as soon as possible if this is ok with you so that the cheque can be send to you as soon as possible ok./
so hope to hear from you soon.

HMMMMMM, a little fishy huh!

Banning Ostrow
Momentum Expeditions
Sep 4, 2003 9:34 AM
Hey! The guy who tried to scam me also had an "" email address. Perhaps this is one way to help spot them?
re: LOST ALL FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!utahmtb
Sep 10, 2003 2:06 PM
It wouldn't be so funny if I hadn't been emailing the guy about the bike, too. I live in Utah, and would have bought it sight unseen.

Good news is that I got a nice 2001 Tracer from Glenn Speight, and I'm pleased.