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Netherlands / Western Union scam(3 posts)

Netherlands / Western Union scamtelliedog
Aug 28, 2003 6:26 PM
Too good to be true - never been truer. Thanks to ebay and others there are no bargains left, so beware.

Beware of Selling 5900's and others on ebay for 2200USD but will drag you off their site to do a private transaction. Based in the Netherlands and will only use Western Union. Send a money transfer to someone else, he will confirm receipt and ship product. When you get product then you change the recipient name so he can get his money. Meanwhile, he makes a fake ID and gets the money as soon as you send it. Western Union is on to this and says there has been a lot of frauds of this nature from the Netherlands. Luckily, I snooped before being duped.
ALERT!!!!! Netherlands / Western Union scamLasse Bauer
Sep 8, 2003 5:55 PM
I´ve exchanged many emails with the same conartist from Holland.

Here´s the info he gave me:
Screenname on Ebay: gnmihoyt
First name:Bendl
Last name:Jindrich
Address:Av.Recreativo 22
Zip Code:28023

All of this is probably not true.
He claimed he was only staying in Holland for a while.

Phone no: (Cellphone) +31629172705.
I actually talked to him. Didnt sound dutch to me...more like African, Southern European or maybe arab.

I suggested we met to do the deal...but he had to "protect his source",- an alleged bicycle dealer who sold Specialized bikes out the backdoor. Hmm...
He also only accepted Western Union, wouldn´t take COD or even have Fedex pick up the bike and pay for it right there and then.

BEWARE! The worst enemy here is not the conartist. It´s yourself!!!
The moment the idea of getting your dreambike at a fraction of the normal cost is allowed to creep inside your head, your on your way to lose a lot of money!
These scammers NEVER have a bike for sale!
They prey on your hopes and dreams...and sadly it´s much too easy to believe even the lamest scammer, "if there´s the slightest chance I can get my dream bike..".

Trust me on this.
I know this firsthand.
I got scammed out of a lot of money this way.
On Ebay, by a guy who called himself Dr. Steven Christman of South Carolina, screenname SCpakrman.
My dream was a Cannondale Scalpel 3000. It cost me 1250$ before I woke up.

Be safe out there...and tell a friend or two..or better yet your girlie about the "great deal your about to make" BEFORE you close the deal and send a single dime.
Friends and girlies will see things objectively, and most likely smell the scam from miles away, at a time when you may be too caught up in "the perfect bike dream".

Good luck! And be careful!.
ALERT!!!!! Netherlands / Western Union scamcadycat
Sep 17, 2003 11:23 AM
Just got duped myself, been emailing with an "". Started out through eBay (userID: fl.sparky), he pulled the auction...and the rest is $2345.00 of history. Western Union and my credit card company currently investigating...Contacted eBay and they informed me this auction, and a few others were posted through taking over another user's acct.