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Slap in the face ??? (long)(3 posts)

Slap in the face ??? (long)Sirius
Aug 28, 2003 8:44 AM
Just wanted to share an experience I had yesterday at a LBS here in San Diego. I have been shopping online for a Deda Newton size 46 online for about 79~89.00 I was however able to locate one locally so I told that shop that I was coming to get it. When I got there the sticker price was $119.00. So I asked the guy if he can price match and then he asked me which store so I told him Colorado Cyclist. He then turned around and asked his father (shop owner) if he can do it and the father said NO NOT interested. So I told the son well that is fine whatever you can do would be fine. He then asked his father if taking 10% is ok. That is when he came unglued. He then started yelling why I should get 10% off. I said well as a consumer in a very competive market I shop for the best price and I chose to help support a LBS. He said that no shops price match and I told him he was definetely wrong and that by my asking to price match was a slap in his face. I said that it doesn't hurt to ask but he disagreed. He really was pissed off. He said his shop is there for "me" and that online companies don't take care of you. I have been there several times before dealing with his son and other shop employees and never really asked for discounts although most of my purchases from this shop have mainly been accessories and parts. We came to an agreement on a price after an earfull because I really needed the bar and I try to avoid online shopping because I like helping out the LBS's. I felt I was slapped in the face. I realize that the shop has to make money but most shops know that consumers have choice and shops should be willing to make changes/ adjustments to the times. When I originally asked about the price match all he had to say was no and leave it at that. Was I wrong ???
re: Slap in the face ??? (long)ZenJones
Aug 28, 2003 9:28 AM
The dad sounds a little uptight, truth be told. Frankly, I would have said, "Listen, all I asked was a question. If you're going to get pissed that's no way to treat a customer so I'll just go elsewhere."

You're right, there is absolutely nothing wrong in asking for a price match... and with his attitude(maybe it was just a bad day for him)he needs to consider the old saying in business, "The customer is ALWAYS right"... at least to ask, that is.
re: Slap in the face ??? (long)telliedog
Aug 28, 2003 6:32 PM
I try ot do my best for the LBS but at the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you, within reason. The LBS is getting killed by online (high-end) and Walmarts (low-end). I would be grumpy if I were the store owner as well. I went to buy a Trek 5200 from my LBS and the owner said, "before buying something on the internet, come talk to me." I did my research, went in and asked for "best price" and he showed me the sticker price which was there before. See ya later. They can have my maintenance money and occasional accessories. I tread lightly and avoid asking for favors.

Just my ranting 2 cents..