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Internet-fraude and cheating. Please read!!!!(2 posts)

Internet-fraude and cheating. Please read!!!!michaelmuusse
Aug 26, 2003 8:45 AM
Hello. I live in The Netherlands. Bikes here are very $$$ and I thougt I found a good bike. But I was cheated. This happened +/- 2 month ago.

I would like your attention for what happened. And can anyone tell if if I can report this? Are there more people to who this strory sound familiar???

-I saw an ad and asked by mail how much he want to have for the bike, where he live, his phone number..
-He told me he lived in US and wanted to send the bike with UPS.
-After that he send me an other email he prefer to use WesternUnion. I had never used/bought something at an internet-auction. Stupid as I was, we agreed that I send him $1100 after he send the bike with UPS.
-I received a email from UPS, a!!!! address, I received a package. The receipe was send also, complete with both names/addresses, code, UPS-logo and package number!
-I noticed the sender-address was in Romania, Valcea!!! (seems to be your men..). I called him. He told me (in very bad English) he was now in Romania. In 1/2 weeks he had a busness-meeting in the US, so if I can send him the $1100.
-I send him $1100.
-I dind't receive a bike, phone call, email!!! Most of the time he don't answer his phone. If he answer the phone he simply says nothing and turns it off!
-Now I'm :-(((((

-Here is his address/phone number:

Oprea Ovidiu Ionut
Aleea olanesti #12
1000 Valcea
phone: 0040742968283
email: This email address is now down?!

Some things about your story sound familiar to me. About his wife. Or the quick answer after checking WesternUnion. We told I send him $1100 at 2pm. I received an email at my work (doing extra work) 2:10pm!!!!!

Strange is he has fraude-connections with UPS and WesternUnion. Does anyone know where I can report this????

Most strange: I searched for his email-address at I found he is an excisting Ebayer, but never has sold/bought something. He is registraded in, believe it or not, The Netherlands!!!!! Since 2/19/2003!!!!

I was very upset about this. I send him an email from an other email adres, to find out more about him. He told me he still had the bike for $3000 and gave me an address to send money to, in Spain!!!!

Here is his email with 2nd? address:


You can send me the money with Western Union to this name and address:
ZIP CODE: 46002

If you do not believe me,I can give you some e-mail addresses of some people with who I did business in the past.ok?


Check the link. The bike is still for sale!

If this address or story sounds familiar, please contact me! Michael
re: Internet-fraude and cheating. Please read!!!!wasabekid
Aug 31, 2003 9:47 AM
"email: This email address is now down?! "

Beware!!! The address above is still active. He is still trying to reel people in.