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Please help(6 posts)

Please helpwill8250
Aug 25, 2003 12:09 AM
So I've been in contact with this guy from Africa or something. Wants to buy an old fork from me. Sounds pretty much like the typical scam (client in the U.S. sending funds, etc). Problem is he has my phone # and address (I gave this to him before reading about the scam) and HAS called me twice to figure out the details (although it was through an operator cause he's deaf or pretends to be). I want to hope he's legit but I don't know the safest way to handle this. He sent me a package that I haven't opened yet (I'm out of town and my room mate signed for it). Should I just put the check in and wait till it clears? Can there be any trouble after that? Please help!!!
re: Please helpZenJones
Aug 25, 2003 4:28 AM
Obviously it's a scam... however email him some additional phone numbers, Denny's, McDonalds, Wendy's, KFC, your local mechanic, your nearest police precinct, etc... let him rack up his phone bill or at least use up his calling cards...

as for the package... if it's a check, look in your yellow pages and find your nearest FBI office and call them, explain what happened and see if they're interested in having you stop by and drop it off.

I am quickly learning a Universal Truth-that old axiom.... If it seems too good to be true, it is... or... The only time you get something for nothing is when your mom breast feeds you as a newborn :)

Trust your most important internal organ... your Gut.
Don't worry..........davet
Aug 25, 2003 6:45 AM
.....nothing will happen, other than you may get hassled with phone calls. The package you received is a counterfeit cashiers check, DO NOT deposit it. It will clear YOUR bank and you will get the money....until it gets to the band that supposedly issued it. It will bounce, then your bank will debit your account for the amount of the check. It's a large hassle.

I've received four of these cashiers checks from the scammers in Nigeria. I have them mounted on my wall as conversation pieces; "Hey Dave, why have you got $20,000.00 hanging on your wall?"

The agency that is handling these scams is the US Secret Service. Your local office can be found in the blue pages of your phone book. Not much can be done to the scammers unless they come to the U.S. which isn't likely.

As I've said in another post, I just play along with them and let them spend their money (which is no small amount)on the checks and package delivery to me. I DON'T give them my phone number, I don't want to be bothered.

If you are afraid, simply don't respond to them.
re: Please helpwill8250
Aug 27, 2003 6:18 PM
So the "deaf" guy suddenly finds it in himself to speak, actually yell at me when I tell him I'm not going to sell him the fork. He calls me up and tells me he wants me to cash the check and send him the cash immediately.
Any time someone sends you more money....davet
Aug 27, 2003 7:02 PM
..than you are asking for the item, it is a sure sign of a scam. Would you send someone a good check for $3,000.00 for a $1000.00 item and TRUST them to send you the excess money? Scammer don't trust you, they just hope you are stupid enough to do it!

These counterfeit checks and the air delivery of them to you cost these guys some pretty good money. My opinion is that if they try to scam me, why can't I return the favor? I play along with them and get them to send me the check. I hang the check on my wall with the rest, sort of 'counting coup'. They've spent their money and gotten squat in return. Plus it's kind of fun. If enough people take the scammers money, they might finally get the message!
I just read...wspokes
Aug 28, 2003 6:37 AM
I just read on some news site the other day, they use identity theft and account theft to pay for all these money orders and airmailing of the fake ones so it isn't really costing them, but some other unfortunate soul out there. They also call various hospitals in the u.s. by 800 numbers convinving the operators there that they are some consulting doctor and insist they transfer them to an outside line and connect them to other numbers. This is how they hide their trail and use our money even for phone calls. I guess the best way is to just ignore.