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Is This A Scam??(10 posts)

Is This A Scam??ZenJones
Aug 24, 2003 8:01 AM

I recently saw a bike being auctioned on Ebay and felt it was too good to be true but in the interest of amusement or at the very least amazement went ahead with contacting the seller.

First thing that was odd was the bike... a rather big ticket item. Klein 2003 Quantum Pro w/ all upgraded components. It had an Ultegra groupo, carbon wheels, computer, etc... and they wanted 800usd for it.

Second thing was... the seller was new, no rating AND had a hidden identity. It said he was from Canada.

Third thing... the day after it was listed, the auction was gone. I had put the auction in my Watch List and the next day(Day 2 of the auction)it was nowhere to be found.

So here we go... I emailed the seller and below are Cut-n-Pastes of the 1st thru most recent emails(NOTE** Because of Cutting and Pasting his responses are listed first with my question listed second**)

Tell me what you think...

dear sir,
Size is 58cm,the price 1000$ including shipping,i sell this bike because i need money because i want to buy an schooter wrote:

Another couple questions...

1. What size is the bike?

2. How much is shipping to the Eastern US?


That's email 1 and remember he had the bike on Ebay at 800.00 AND was listed as Canadian.

Email #2...

I stoped the auction for another costumer bat this dont want the bike.
mail me soon if you are a good buyer

what happened to the bike... i cant find it on ebay anymore

Email #3...

Dear sir,is ok

NOTE** His response to me saying I would pay $801.00 as well as shipping from Canada and that I needed his zip code to calculate shipping to the Eastern USA.**

Email #4...

Dear sir,give me sender's name and address......
The reciver name must be exactlly this name and address:
Address:str VOINESITA NO 71

NOTE** What the heck is THIS about?!?!

Email #5...dear sir ,

i sell this bike at 800USD because i need money for my son hi want a scooter
for the moment i am not in canada i am in europe with my wife but that it is not a problem to send you the bike because i can send you the bike via UPS ,
the method of payment it is via WESTERN UNION because it is first time from i sell from ebay it is fast to send money
if you are agree with that the bike it is your
mail me if you are agree with that the bike it is good for you
mail me if you want to finish the deal
have a nice day sir

NOTE** His response to me saying, "I thought you lived in Canada?"

Email #6...

Dear sir,
Here you must pay me with cash money only,and after you will make the transfer on my name you will e-mail me back and give to me the MTCN , the senders name and recivers name the , i will give you the tracking number from your package.
please mail me and tell me if you make the transfer...ok
i make the rezevation on the UPS services
Reply me soon

NOTE** His response to me saying that once he sends me the bike and I inspect it I will THEN transfer the 800 dollars to him. :D

Email #7...

Dear sir, i stop action for you and
you will not mail me
what is happen
please mail me and tell me if you make the transfer...ok
i make the rezevation on the UPS service
mail me soon

NOTE** This was sent to me within an hour of the previous email. Was this guy at the Western Union office in Romania with a laptop?

Email #8...

Dear sir,
Give me your address because i want to start the shipping.
Pay me with cash money,and after you will make the transfer on my name you will e-mail me back and give to me the MTCN , the senders name and recivers name the , i will give you the tracking number from your package.
the bike arrvie at your home in 2 days working.

NOTE** This arrived this morning in my Inbox.
re: Is This A Scam?? Yes!!...the classic.....davet
Aug 24, 2003 10:03 AM
... where an item is listed for considerably less than it's true market value, and you are asked to send them money via Western Union or MoneyGram. The beauty of it for the "seller" is that it is a cash transaction for them, and no way for it to be reversed when the scam is found out by you. Luckily most of these attempts are clumsily done, as yours was, and are pretty easy to spot. Others are done much better and I imagine that more than a few people have been sucked in.
re: Is This A Scam?? Yes!!...the classic.....ZenJones
Aug 25, 2003 4:35 AM
davet(or anyone for that matter)...

One question, why is this guy still pushing soooo hard for my shipping address when I've told him repeatedly that the ONLY way I am doing business is if he sends the bike to me on his own dime, lets me inspect it first AND then I'll consider paying him(which is obviously absurd but he's apparently interested)?

Since my first post here about this yesterday he's emailed me 3 more times begging for my shipping address to, "Start the shipping" as he puts it.

His last email, he says the same thing but in a HUGE letter font... apparently he's getting impatient or peeved at me ; )
Send him the address.....davet
Aug 25, 2003 6:50 AM
of the local FBI office, with the title 'FBI' at the top of the address.

Or you can give him your shipping address, and see what happens. Based on what I've gone through, nothing will happen to you, other than some amusing e-mails.
Please read this!michaelmuusse
Aug 26, 2003 8:43 AM
Hello. I live in The Netherlands. Bikes here are very $$$ and I thougt I found a good bike. But I was cheated. This happened +/- 2 month ago.

I would like your attention for what happened. And can anyone tell if if I can report this? Are there more people to who this strory sound familiar???

-I saw an ad and asked by mail how much he want to have for the bike, where he live, his phone number..
-He told me he lived in US and wanted to send the bike with UPS.
-After that he send me an other email he prefer to use WesternUnion. I had never used/bought something at an internet-auction. Stupid as I was, we agreed that I send him $1100 after he send the bike with UPS.
-I received a email from UPS, a!!!! address, I received a package. The receipe was send also, complete with both names/addresses, code, UPS-logo and package number!
-I noticed the sender-address was in Romania, Valcea!!! (seems to be your men..). I called him. He told me (in very bad English) he was now in Romania. In 1/2 weeks he had a busness-meeting in the US, so if I can send him the $1100.
-I send him $1100.
-I dind't receive a bike, phone call, email!!! Most of the time he don't answer his phone. If he answer the phone he simply says nothing and turns it off!
-Now I'm :-(((((

-Here is his address/phone number:

Oprea Ovidiu Ionut
Aleea olanesti #12
1000 Valcea
phone: 0040742968283
email: This email address is now down?!

Some things about your story sound familiar to me. About his wife. Or the quick answer after checking WesternUnion. We told I send him $1100 at 2pm. I received an email at my work (doing extra work) 2:10pm!!!!!

Strange is he has fraude-connections with UPS and WesternUnion. Does anyone know where I can report this????

Most strange: I searched for his email-address at I found he is an excisting Ebayer, but never has sold/bought something. He is registraded in, believe it or not, The Netherlands!!!!! Since 2/19/2003!!!!

I was very upset about this. I send him an email from an other email adres, to find out more about him. He told me he still had the bike for $3000 and gave me an address to send money to, in Spain!!!!

Here is his email with 2nd? address:


You can send me the money with Western Union to this name and address:
ZIP CODE: 46002

If you do not believe me,I can give you some e-mail addresses of some people with who I did business in the past.ok?


Check the link. The bike is still for sale!

If this address or story sounds familiar, please contact me! Michael
re: Is This A Scam?? Yes!!...the classic.....telliedog
Aug 28, 2003 6:44 PM
Interesting variation is a guy in the Netherlands who wanted me to send a money transfer to a friend of my choosing. He could confirm the transfer but would not be able to collect it becuase he would not know the recipient. He would then send the bike and when I recieved it, I would change the recipient name on the money transfer so he could collect. Sounds legit.

So I call Western Union to process this and they shift me over to fraud protection who says this is common, lots of fraud coming out of the Netherlands and the guy would just try to get the fake recipient naem out of me, claiming he could not confirm the transfer. I emailed him back questioning his transaction and have not heard back.

By the way, he had over 50 ebay ratings that were positive - all psoted by his friends I assume.
re: Is This A Scam??Bofed
Aug 31, 2003 9:39 AM
This Romanian SOB needs to have his sexual organs removed and placed in his throat. I know it's the same guy that took me last spring and, with a few changes to his MO and name, continues to scew people. Maybe all the people taken by him should hire some one to pay him a visit and break his knee caps.
re: Is This A Scam??michaelmuusse
Sep 2, 2003 11:40 AM
Did you report this somewhere? If you did, can you tell me where? By the way, I think his address is false. I send him an email from an other email adres, and he gave me an address in spain. Thanks. Michael Muusse
re: Is This A Scam??Bofed
Sep 5, 2003 8:34 PM
I reported being ripped off to the Internet Fraud sight on E-Bay. Just go to E-Bay and look for the fraud reporting sight, It's not provided by E-Bay but is a division of the FBI I believe. But I doubt if they'll do any thing, especially if you're not from the US. There may be an orginization in Europe.
Unfortunately for us this guy is laughing all the way to the Romanian bank.
This same guy stole one of my auctions....LowCel
Sep 10, 2003 5:02 AM
A few months ago I had a bike for sale on ebay. A couple of days later I started getting strange e-mails asking me if I actually had the bike.

Come to find out this guy copied my pictures and my complete description and had my bike for sale. To make matters worse it was a completely custom build up. I built the bike from the frame up so it was pretty much one of a kind.

Some friends on mtbr ended up winning the guys auction to keep someone from being scammed. I contacted ebay but it took them forever to do anything about it. They didn't delete his auction until a day after it ended.