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EBAY FRAUD ALERT! Pizderie44, Alex Rider, post)

EBAY FRAUD ALERT! Pizderie44, Alex Rider, pizderie@aol.comtyger23
Aug 16, 2003 4:04 PM
A friend almost got nabbed by this guy. He posted a Pinarello Prince for sale and it went for an unbelieveable price. View the auction here! My friend won the auction, but the gentleman could not answer any questions about the bike.

After a little research, he found the bike posted here! He contacted the webmaster of Light-bikes, and the webmaster confirmed that the bike was with it's current owner and it was NOT for sale.

Please be aware that the same seller has a Cannondale F800 for sale here. The picture is of a 2002 F800, but the description is stock off of C'dale's 2003 F800 page. I would believe this to be a fraud also!

Please spread the word!