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Ebay scam?(1 post)

Ebay scam?red_ellsworth
Jul 29, 2003 7:57 AM
Ran into a new one that I thought was "cute" so I am passing it along. I like Rudy Project glasses but really can't afford the toys now that I am semi retired so I try to get a good deal on Ebay but always get outbid.

Sometimes auctions end early for whatever reason since the seller will post that he/she has the right. Item may be for sale on other sites.

So I had a bid in for about $45 on a $125 pair of glasses and the auction closes a few hours before schedule. Oh well.

Suddenly I get an e-mail in broken English stating that her brother had accidently pulled the plug on the auction and would I consider a price of $39.95 shipped.

I replied that I am Paypal Verified and would prefer to pay that way. The reply requested an MO to an address.

I am still looking for a pair of glasses but I pass this along. I am quite sure it was a scam.

Keep the shiny side up,