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Fraud Alert - Watch out for Simon Cruise from switzerland(2 posts)

Fraud Alert - Watch out for Simon Cruise from switzerlandpwpatton
Jul 14, 2003 5:52 PM
Watch out for Mr Simon cruise ( from switzerland. I had no idea about this kind of fraud. Any out of country trade should be viewed as suspicious. You have no recourse if they scam you.

He sent me an email asking for a final price and I gave him one. His first email seemed innocuous enough, a bit strange though. But when I saw his reply to my final offer I got suspicious.

So, anyone want to by a 15" Jamis Dakar? :)

Original Email

> Hello,
> How are you doing,my name is Mr Simon Cruise from switzerland.I am a
> sales manager of my enterprise and a dealer in bikes,bike
> accessories,mobilities and general machandice.I would love to purchase
> your (Jamis Dakar) please get back to me with your last offer so that
> payment would commence immediately.Alongside the pics.Thanks Mr Simon
> Cruise...............

His Reply

Thanks for your mail, well i am okay with the price and will want payment to be asap, you will have tell me the condition of it okay and as soon as you get pics on it pls send them to me thru the email, i will go about payment by instructing my client in the states to issue you a certified bank check of $5000 and this should take care of all expences in this transaction. What you will do once you have recieved it is to cash it, deduct your own money($1000) and the wiring charges and wire the balance to my international shipping agent through money gramm transfer, once he recieves the balance will come over to your location the very next day for pick up, now the money wired to the shipper is his fees for his services, transportation to your location and back to me, also for all charges that may arise along this transaction cos i will want it to be delivered to me safe and sound without problems, i shall send you my shipper address as soon as i contact him, all i need of yo u now is to mail me your full name and contact address as well as phone number so that i can forward it to my client who will issue you the check, let me know asap if you are still intrested so that we could seal this on time. Regards Simon
re: Fraud Alert - Watch out for Simon Cruise from switzerlandtrail66
Jul 25, 2003 5:41 PM
Simion Cruse is a fraud!!!!!
here's the deal he corosponded with me threw email and according to him he tryed to call me. he's a sweet talker so i agreed to work with him. when i recieved his check it was a total fraud. the first thing that brough my attention to it was that there was no perferated edge. when check's are torn off a printer at a bank they a perferated edge. there is also no phone number or address under the bank logo on the check. the city state zips and logo of the bank in question are correct. there is no water mark on the check. if you call capital state bank they do know of this scam and so does the secret service! your check will arive and you will need to pick it up at the post office. when you open your envelop your check will be enclosed in a brown envelope. please use this information to warn everyone you know. i hope you do not fall for this scam and do not try to cash his check.

Josh T.

p.s. anyone wanna buy a yeti dh-9 for a sweet price?