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Beware, ebay scammers trying to get into your account(1 post)

Beware, ebay scammers trying to get into your accountNJost31
Jul 7, 2003 10:54 PM
I recieved a email at my aol account, telling me that I had pictures waiting for me, and to enter my screen name and password. The page looked i did (dumb)

Two days later I tried to log into my ebay account, and someone had used my email address to change the password, and some scammer was selling a trek fuel under my username. They are now trying to steal old ebay accounts with solid feedbacks so their auctions will apprear more legit.

Went back and looked at that email, wondering how this could have happened, and it linked me to this page:

I guess I should have noticed it then. Needless to say I contacted both ebay and aol immediately. Just a heads up, especially if you have some old email/ebay accounts you haven't used in awhile.