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Possible scammer selling bikes via ebay and classifieds(1 post)

Possible scammer selling bikes via ebay and classifiedstoyiabe
Jul 2, 2003 8:39 AM
I think I was heading into a scam but I didn't stick around to find out.

There was a 2002 Litespeed Pisgah (complete bike)listed on ebay for $750. I emailed the seller with questions. He replied back then instant messaged me. Once I was contacted via IM the ebay listing was gone. The seller removed it due to a bogus bid of $10k (so he says).

I proceeded dealing with the seller. He was located in Madrid, Spain (the original ebay auction indicated the seller is in Florida). He agreed to sell me the bike for $700. He insisted I send the payment via Western Union using a credit card. I wouldn't proceed with the deal unless it was done through ebay.

Later the seller made an auction on ebay with a "buy now" for $700. The seller used a different ebay id from the previous auction (location PA)and the bike description was very generic. He couldn't supply any pics of the actual bike, just a pic from a retail website. Also he didn't seem knowledgable about the components. Again he insisted the payment be Western Union.

Well I backed out thinking the deal was too good to be true. A brand new 2002 Litespeed Pisgah for $700. One cannot buy the frame alone for that price. With in 30 minutes the new ebay listing was gone. I'm sure the seller pulled it. After doing some fraud research if found a warning on this website that fits this seller to a T:

Anyway that's my story. If it wasn't a scam someone got a great deal on the bike. Be careful out there.