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Jason of Stein Eriksen Sport, Park City -- bad trader(1 post)

Jason of Stein Eriksen Sport, Park City -- bad traderjohnnyastro
Jun 30, 2003 8:40 PM
Recently I bought a used Stinky from Jason at Stein Eriksen in Park City. He wouldn't budge a nickel on the price but I thought I'd still get a solid, well-maintained bike by going with a bike shop. I paid for bike and shipping the same day with a credit card. When I received the bike I found out the rear derailleur was shot, 2 chain rings were shot, the tires were on their last legs, the wheels needed truing, the derailleur hanger was bent, and the brake pads were all shot, as were the shifter cables. No mention of any of this prior to the deal.

I called Jason and he was cool about it. He had a good explanation. After some discussion Jason agreed amends needed to be made. I never heard from him again and it's been a couple of months now. Nothing would make me happier than wiping this bad trader report off the books.

ps -- Jason did a kickass job of packing the bike