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Another Fraud to Add to the List...steven donny (2 posts)

Another Fraud to Add to the List...steven donny <smartmotorsglotzyboy
Jun 18, 2003 7:47 PM
Sound familiar to anyone?

1st e-mail:

I am a general importer and Parts and Accessories dealer located in the U.K .I am interested in your AD would want to know the firm price and mode of payment.In respect of shipping i have a reputable Shipping company with offices in the U.S that takes care of my shipping. Awaiting your urgent response .

steven. (steven donny )

2nd e-mail:

Thanks for the mail,i am o.k with your
price.Inrespect of payment i have a client in the U.S who is owing
me $7,000.All i need to do to make payment easier and
faster is to instruct him to procure a cashiers
check and mail it to you on the name,address and telephone
number you want on the check and you know it takes
24hrs for a cashiers check to clear in the U.S.But i
would want to know if i can trust you to send my
balance to me via MONEY GRAMS INTERNATIONAL MONEY TRANSFER in PARIS FRANCE after the money must have cleared in your bank to enable
me prepay the shipping company here so that they can
instruct their office in the U.S to come and pick
IT from your location.pls mail me asap to enable
me arrange payment .

steven. (steven donny )

3rd e-mail:

i promise u there will be know problems atall.i will make him send the check to ur work adress by mid next week or wekend u will get the payment

4th e-mail:

the payment has been sent i will send u the tracking number later as soon as i get it from my client.

steven. (steven donny )

I'm stringing it along and waiting for my fake check to come -- can't wait to take a picture of it along with a certain gesture to post in a reply message! Don't these guys realize the fraud warnings are posted everywhere?
re: Another Fraud to Add to the List...steven donny &lt;smartmotorsalg
Aug 14, 2003 4:58 PM
I issued a warning earlier in this forum about a sim.suspected scam from "smith " in the UK, but I can't believe it,your 2nd e-mail that you listed is almost word for word.Are you sure it wasn't RAPHLEE4EVER@mai ??? And to think,I almost fell for it....Thank you Guys