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Bad Seller Daniel Boscacci(3 posts)

Bad Seller Daniel Boscaccicudbabe1
Jun 15, 2003 1:58 PM
I purchased a new E5 frame from Daniel, and the headset was shot on arrival. When I questioned Dan, he responded that whoever built up the bike didn't know what he was talking about. Anybody can tell by one quick spin on the bike, that something is seriously wrong with it, and its not the way the bike was assembled. Guess who's stuck with the bill... I was sold a so called new bike with a trashed headset. I would think twice before buying anything from this man.
re: Bad Seller Daniel Boscacci THE TRUTHdboscacci
Jun 16, 2003 2:53 PM
Purchaser wasn't quite complete in their post here. They claimed to me ONE MONTH AFTER RECEIVING FRAME that the headset was shot and the seatpost slipped because of a defective clamp. Moreover, purchaser claimed that the frame shouldn't have been described as new and that I said it was a 2003. The ad that was posted had a picture of it built up! I was clear in saying that it was built up and then stripped down because it was too small for me. I never stated that it was a 2003. Purchaser has no proof of me ever saying that. I did say that I opted for the Ouzo because I preferred it over the Specialized made fork of current year. As for the alleged defects, I would have refunded the complete amount if someone contacted me sooner. I find it hard to believe that such issues would occur on an unridden frame and would have been happy to verify this by refunding the money and inspecting it. The purchaser said to me that she ordered a new headset even before she talked to me. I guess I was supposed to pay for the new headset and let her keep the frame that was valued at $1500, but sold at $600. I have positive feedback everywhere and I'm not in the business of taking advantage of people.
re: More truth.Rusty Coggs
Jun 17, 2003 6:42 AM
Every deal I have done with Dan has been flawless,and goods were exactly as advertized.Everything I sell is backed by the guarantee that it is returnable if not as advertized,but like Dan, I am not about to entertain gripes after someone has had and probably used something for a month.