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do not deal with evan topilow(1 post)

do not deal with evan topilownrj1968
Jun 8, 2003 12:05 AM
a few of months ago I saw an ad for a psylo fork being sold by evan topilow. wrote and called him up, agreed on a price, sent him the money order. two weeks later still no fork. followed it up with him and was told he'll be sending fork soon. another week still no fork. wrote him an email and boy was i surprised at the response. he says he doesn't have time to go to post office and send the fork and that he has sold it locally. after i went through so much trouble of calling, arranging for payment, he decides it's not worth his time.what an ass, DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS GUY. i have kept his email and i'd gladly forward a copy to those who may want to trade with him.