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Fraud Alert -- it almost happend to me...(4 posts)

Fraud Alert -- it almost happend to me...VintageGenX
May 15, 2003 12:22 PM
I received an email the other day from a guy with a email address asking about an old bike of mine posted on another website. This bike was sold 3 years ago (the site refuses to delete my ad). I appologized to the guy about the confusion. As the guy seemed desperate for a bike for his son (no reason why), I offered him mine for a reasonable deal. My price was slightly high, but not bad.

He emails me back that he'll take it and he explains the deal -- just like another one in the Fraud Alert posted on this site. He agreed to send me $8000 from a buddy he has in the US for my bike (Colnago C40 w/ Record) and I'd send him the balance via Moneygram (whatever that is). A freight broker would contact me to pick up the bike,as it was cheaper to send it to Africa that way (now, I used to be in my company's transportation dept and that didn't make sense to me unless the guy already had a container with extra space).

Several days past and I mentioned to the guy (remember, he seemed in a hurry and wanted it NOW) that his US buddy never contacted me. He wrote back that is in the Ukraine and will contact me shortly.

Ok, the BS is getting thick, the English grammer worse, spelling diminishing, and looking like a scam. So, I check out my old hang ( and find that this is common and has been going on for a while.

The guy's name is Larry Ben and his email address is:

---> <---

Do ya like the James Bond reference. I thought total geek when I first saw it.

Thanks for staying on top of the fraud alerts guys and hopefully no one will get financially harmed.
re: Fraud Alert -- it almost happend to me...trailbuilder
May 20, 2003 3:19 AM
This same guy e-mailed me when I posted my motor cycle on an on line classified site and I cut & pasted the same warning in a return e-mail to him and never heard from him again.Today Some one else from Africa e-mailed me about the same add so i sent him the same e-mail, I'm waiting to see if i here from him again,yeah right!
re: Fraud Alert -- it almost happend to me...slicksahd
May 20, 2003 2:52 PM
I'm working the same scammer, just for fun. If this guy
is enough of an idiot to come up with a cashiers check
on my bank of choice, Wells Fargo, I'll be surprised
and delighted. If I do get a cashiers check for $7000
on a $1400 purchase, promising to Money Gram the balance
back, any suggestions on how to protect myself? I'm
specifying Wells Fargo to Well Fargo. What is their
responsibility? Conterfeit is the only angle I can come
up with. The so called Cashier Check will be domestic.
The 'Cashiers Check' WILL be counterfeit............davet
May 20, 2003 4:03 PM
.......and a very good one. When you present it to your bank, the funds will be issued to you. Then several weeks later, when the check is found to be counterfeit, the funds will be debited from your account. And if it could be proved that you knowingly deposited a fraudulent money instrument, you could be prosecuted for a felony.

This type of scam uses very good counterfeit Cashiers Checks, ostensibly drawn on U.S. banks. What I have done is let them send me the check, it costs them more than a little money to have the check made and FedEx Expressed to the U.S., and then just keep it. They look kind cool just hanging around my mantle. I've got three of them now. It's kind of fun stringing them along with stories that are just a big as theirs. They won't come to the U.S, they know that they will be picked up and jailed. Sort of a long-distance, two-way hand job.