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semi-bad traderDiRT
May 13, 2003 7:57 AM
Chris van Voorst ( posted an ad to sell a K2 Oz bike on April 3 for $1300 OBO. On about May 4th I made an offer of much less due to an inflated expectation. The same bike (or frame+equivalent comp) had sold for slightly less when new.

He never emailed me. But a friend emailed him a few days later and Chris replied to him. They communicated until my friend decided not to buy. When I heard that he had been contacted, I suspected my email was not going out.

In the end, we learned that Chris was ignoring me, and actually had bought this bike second hand for $900 (which he claimed was all but new -- 28 hours of riding). He even posted a review for the bike with the exact list of components he'd changed and the price, but was now asking more than it had been new at closeouts.

He took that bike off the marketplace and never replied to me at all.

Be wary of trading with Chris van Voorst ( from Toronto, Canada.