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Fraud not only mountain/road bikes this just happen to me(1 post)

Fraud not only mountain/road bikes this just happen to mestevephaneuf
May 5, 2003 2:43 PM
Hey, everybody I think my story is the same as everyone,but I thought more info can't hurt. I have a dirtbike posted on, I smelled something funny right away. The following just happened over the last couple of days. I think inforunately there are alot of good people out there but a few bad apples... you know the story. I think the moral is I human being with cash in front of you is king!

richard williams wrote:
i am intersted in your bike going for $2300 i am willing to pay $2200 pls give your final offer awiting your soonest response and pls send some photos

Steven Phaneuf wrote:
I could go 2200, here's some photos

richard williams wrote:
my dear friend

i am presently in west africa but i have a reliable shipper who i had known for about 7 years ,
that would come for the pick up of the bike
once the cashiers clears, i would instruct him to come and pick up the bike.

regarding payment and other agreements, i am willing to pay you $2200 for the bike. if that is okay by you, apparently i have a friend in the united states who is indebted to me and intends to pay me the sum of eight thousand six hundred fourty united states dollars ( $8,640.00)

This is about the easiest way I can get your funds to you now.cos if i send a check from over here it would take about 30 days to clear whereas a check sent from within the US would clear within 1-2 days.

i would appreciate if i could trust you to take care of this funds for me , so that once you receive payment, you would deduct the money for the bike then the remaining would be sent to me either thru wire transfer or western union ( preferably).

i would appreciate you enter into this contract agreement in good faith and trust with me and would appreciate your understanding because it is not easy this days to trust people.

if the contract agreement is sealed, i would appreciate you send me your name and address where the check would be delivered and also your contact number so that i can communicate with my frined to arrange the funds.



I don't mind if your friend/shipper picks up the bike, but I would rather not be responsible for the wire transfer of the balance of your friends debt to you. If you want your friend to pick up the bike with cashier's check or preferably cash for the amount of $2200.00 I would sign over ownership to him, then he could work out the paperwork with you.

Of course, I have heard nothing since