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Justin Faulkner is a bad trader(1 post)

Justin Faulkner is a bad tradermtbnaz1
May 4, 2003 12:32 PM
This is to let everyone know DO NOT deal with Justin Faulkner from Waterloo, Ontario. I just bought a 2002 KHS Alite 4000 from him which was very misrepresented. He stated the bike was in very good condition and only ridden 20 times. I have bikes that are 10 years old and are in better shape than this bike. The pictures he posted made the bike look good but when I received the bike, some of the components had been changed. The brake pads were worn so bad that the brake started to ruin the rim. The tires, tubes and rim stripes were rotten and had to be replaced. The pedals would not work and went in the garbage. The chainrings had been switched. The cables were broken and had to be replaced. The headset was rusted and broken. Needless to say, it took me over 8 hours and cost me some cash and a lot of my spare parts just to get a first ride in on the bike. The wheels and chainrings still need replacing but that will have to wait. The bottom line is this bike was in bad shape not very good condition so BUYER BEWARE especially if dealing with this guy.