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Mark Caminiti @ Dream4est, BAD TRADER(7 posts)

Mark Caminiti @ Dream4est, BAD TRADERNJost31
Apr 30, 2003 8:16 PM
Contacted me about a Jr.t I had for sale. Offered to trade me for his CPC euphoria frame, 02 Psylo Sl, Cane creek headset, a thomson post, and a wtb tire. He says everything is in excellent condition, hesent me pics and everything looked ok, so I agreed. The frame arrives, and it's beat to hell. There are 2 cracks in the rear swingarm, the fork is seriuosly beat up, with some major scratches on the stanchions. The bottom cup of the headset is craked as well. Oh, and the tire.....well, this one has a sidewall tear in it that has been "patched" with a tube repair kit.

He runs dream4est mountain bike park in Colorado, I seriously would deal with this guy. He won't answer my emails, claims that it must have been shipping damage. Right. Stay away from this guy.
re: Mark Caminiti @ Dream4est, BAD TRADERkitchenware
May 16, 2003 8:50 PM
Not a good thing to do when you're a high profile local on the DH scene. I'll be sure and bring it up if I see him. That's a real bummer man, I hope he sets things right.
re: Mark Caminiti @ Dream4est, BAD TRADER268generation
May 17, 2003 4:43 AM
I hope this problem works out.

Maybe a communication problem ?
re: Mark Caminiti @ Dream4est, BAD TRADERNJost31
May 17, 2003 11:46 PM
It is a communication problem, he simply stoped returning my emails. I've given up on this. Travis at Core Performance Cycles (The guys now making CPC frames) sold me a new seatstay for $200. I should note that both josh at the old CPC, and Travis at the new CPC have both been very cool in helping me out with this. I sent the fork in to Rockshox to be rebuilt, and managed to sell it for $100. At first, they refused to rebuild it because the stanchions and legs were in such bad shape. They told me they would give me deal on a new fork. No thanks.
I guess I'm just going to have to mark this one up as a loss. Kinda sucks, because he got a brand new in the box 03 Junior T out of this. Moral of this story is don't trade for used stuff unless you really know and trust the person, and can see the item with your own eyes.

Oh well, what comes around goes around.

If anyone has any further questions about this, or Mark, if you would like to correct this, my email address is
re: Mark Caminiti @ Dream4est, BAD TRADERdream4est
May 20, 2003 10:49 PM
hey lets set the record straight. first of all, i never stopped replying. neil stopped contacting me after i told him about how to get the seatstay fixed. second neil called me two months after the deal to tell me the frame had a crack. let me repeat that. TWO MONTHS LATER. and that fork was not damaged like he is saying. this is the first i heard of this. the frame and fork worked perfect right before shipping. i was clearing logs most guys on full freeride bikes cant and i was hopping them without damaging my big ring. the headset was a throw in on the deal and is not relevant. and i was getting rid of the tire and asked neil if he would like another throw in. btw the frame runs 1800us and neil got a thomson post, 02 psylo fork that was one year old, and some throw ins. Handles like a turner xce. and neil traded a fork he probably got at cost anyway. if neil would have contacted me when he received the frame i would have never even opened the fork box. i would have returned it fair and square. and with such damage to the frame and fork like he says i find it hard to believe he did not look at the parts right away. TWO MONTHS LATER was when he opened the box? come on. sounds like a "i was just riding along" story to me.

neil knows my phone number and my email but i never heard from him since i sent him to cpc.

mark caminiti
i will be at eaton park wed, thur and sun jumping so come by and ride if u want. i know that my old cpc was a nice ride, and i stand by my word that i did not sell a cracked frame knowingly. i am not hiding behind an email addy but i am right here telling everyone where i will be. you be the judge as i will defend my reputation as an honest mtber. no way i would even ride a cracked frame, let alone sell it. check the last pic i took before disassembly (the one i posted when selling the bike). does the fork looked thrashed? does the frame look like it was not well taken care of? i do not sell junk to people.
re: Mark Caminiti @ Dream4est, BAD TRADERNJost31
May 21, 2003 9:27 PM
hmmmmm, not exactly. It was not 2 months, and I sent you 4 emails after your "help" that all went unanswered. You told me that Josh at CPC could help me out, and that you had some work done on the frame there. Well, when I called there, he didn't know you, and told me they hadn't had anything to do with bicycles in nearly 2 years.
And no, I didn't get the fork at cost, but I did get a good deal on it. Lets do some math here: I paid $450 for the jr.t plus $20 shipping to you, so basically I'm into this deal for $470. I paid $75 to have the psylo rebuilt, and sold it for $135, So I made $60. That puts me at $410. The new seatstay? $210. Fresh powdercoating? $200. $820 for a VERY well used frame that was only $1299 new 3 years ago(Not $1800 like you stated)? Priceless
When I first found the crack, I honestly didn't think you knew it was there when you shipped it, because the area was covered in mud and dried dirt (rear disc leaking a bit?). But, after you essentially called me a liar, and tried to blame it on shipping damage, I knew this was going nowhere. Then after posting my email address on this board, I recieved this email:

".......and I can tell you this...From my initial impression of him, I can say that I'm not surprised by what has happened to you. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character and I got nothing but bad vibes from this dude....."

Answer me this, if i had cracked the frame myself, why would I be this pist off at you?? I am not an unreasonable person, if I had broken the frame, I would not have expected you to claim responsibility. Thats one the negatives associated with dealing in used parts. But, when the product arrives broken, it's an entirely different story.

Say what you want about defending your reputation as an honest mtber, but, remember Mark, what goes around comes around, and from the sound of it, you've got a lot of bad karma on the way.
last post on this subjectdream4est
May 22, 2003 11:22 AM
dude you never contacted me until by email TWO MONTHS later. and after i gave you the cpc info you NEVER CONTACTED ME AGAIN. maybe you had the wrong email but i only got the emails about hey remmeber me? ... i have a problem) you had my number the whole time and i never got a call. Josh at cpc did work on the stay. how do you think the yolk was machined? by hand? i have shipping records to prove it. the original retail was 1800. the cost bro deal price was 1200-1300. as you can see in the pic i posted the fork was in great shape with no damage. a fork rebuild is an internal issue. i did not have any problems with bearing slop or damping failure. once again i say to you that the box could have been dropped or beat around during shipping (if the stanchions were indeed ruined like u say. i saw no pic to prove that). fresh powdercoat? dude you are ridiculous. that is bs. and no one ever said you cracked it. after two months, i cannot be sure that anything is true. that crack could happen if the ups shipper dropped it on the floor. i actually changed that bearing near the crack out to clean it 4 weeks before you got it. no crack no fork prob. if you had called me right away we could have taken care of this. but you waited two months and then sent an email that started with remember me?.... not a this is the fourth email i have sent you and you do not anwser your phone. when u notified me of the crack after two months i said hey thats just too bad the deal was done a long time ago, but i did give you the cpc number and contact info and pointed you in the right direction to get it fixed. i just bought a used fork on the internet and guess what, it needs a rebuild!!! i should post a bad trader on the guy because he said it was fresh. oh well i am riding the fork until i get it rebuilt. karma? maybe john lennon will appear on the trail and cause me to crash!!! i am out there riding, training and giving back to the cycling community. next time you have an issue call someone and talk in person, not here. btw anyone who believes that crap above about character check out my new website at

i have many friends, bro riders and clients who will say otherwise.
i will be at eaton park today 4pm sat noon and sun noon. come by and ride. we will be having some fun out there.