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Apr 29, 2003 7:14 AM
I am selling a Trek Fuel 80. This guy by the name of Paul Thornton sent me this e-mail. Obviously, this is too good to be true and he is overseas. Unfortunately for him, I used to work at Western Union Corp. and know about scams like these. Please be aware that of this type of e-mail. READ BELOW..

Dear Mark,

I am happy to notify you that I am interested in buying/acquiring your Trek
Fuel 80 and I am offering $850

Please,if my offer is acceptable to you, get back to me with the necessary
details and also how it will be picked up. I will be needing:

* your full name and home address together with
* your reconfirmed phone number (both home and mobile), and
* fax number (if possible).

As a matter of fact, one of my clients
based in U.S.A is owing me some money and the amount is $5,000
and on my request he shall forward an american cashier check on that amount to

After deducting the cost of your goods,then i will like to know if i can trust
you to send the
rest of the amount (i.e the excess fund) to me through money gram transfer or
money net transfer. If you are ok with this favour,you can get me the
information needed to send the cashier check to you.

thank you for your cooperation while anticipating your earliest response.

Best regards,