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fraudulent listings on ebay for merlin extralight(1 post)

fraudulent listings on ebay for merlin extralightcmd
Apr 24, 2003 12:20 AM
ive found a few of these listings. seller purports to be from one place and is really from romania. the MO is the same, send western union transfer to a romanian address.

stay away from these jerks. i've already reported one of them to ebay. he keeps trying to get me to buy the bike. last message i got he offered a tracking number from UPS. i informed him that i know about this scam and haven't received a respons since.

watch out for:

new ebay userid, no feedback, shades
listings with no detail, other than stock specs/features
seller will respond to your request for frame size to lead you on, insisting they have it.
seller email will be yahoo or hotmail, and it will look legitimate. (user123 or some such)
seller will demand western union. seller will often specify price off of ebay for a buy it now arrangement.

report suspicious listings to ebay. good cyclists and throwing away good money to these bastards. lets stop the miscreants in their tracks.