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Beware!!! - Another South African S%^&(1 post)

Beware!!! - Another South African S%^&noah0325
Apr 23, 2003 5:00 AM
This sure fits like the South African S$%^& admin posted in Fraud Alert section. Blocked some names just in case. I'm merely posting the e-mail format that i got. Yes, the guy is from a nation in South Africa I've never heared of. Sellers beware!!!!

From: Terry H%^&*()! Add to Address Book
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 08:16:22 -0400
To: &&&&&&&&&&&&.net

Hi John Doe ,
Thanks for your mail.I have spoken with my customer and he has instructed
me to inform you that payment will get to you in a refund cashier check
with excess amount above the cost of your "MASI 3Vs Volumetrica",and is a
refund payment of a cancelled order earlier made by my customer. Due to the
company that owes him, this check has to be made out in this amount $4,800
owed to him in full to you ,because company policy only allows a refund
payment on one cashier check,so you will be required to deduct cost of your
"MASI 3Vs Volumetrica" which is $1700 ,when check payment gets to you,then you
will refund the excess balance of $3,100 to my customer via western union
money transfer for him to be able to upset shipping charges down here and
from there and pay up the agent coming to pick up the "MASI 3Vs

After payment has reached you and excess balance sent back to him,the
agent [Mr Terry H^&*()&] will come and pick up the shipping particulars of
the "MASI 3Vs Volumetrica" with other necessary documents thats goes with
the"MASI 3Vs Volumetrica"and drop to a prepaid shipper to be shipped to my
customer,and he will take care of title papers andother necessary documets
making sure they get to him, via fedex courier.

Confirm this and provide name and address and phone number for check
payment package to be sent and delivered to you via fedex courier.I'll be
awaiting your timely response in regards this mail.

Thanks,and GOD bless,

John Doe.