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Warning 'dale Gemini 900 being sold by Philip Newell(5 posts)

Warning 'dale Gemini 900 being sold by Philip NewellYourNemesis
Apr 11, 2003 1:40 PM
Has anyone had experience dealing with this person?

I have been experiencing very suspicious behaviour, the bike including claiming to have sent the bike without having finalized an agreement, requesting payment to Romania to a Rotaru Horatiu Octavian of Sibu, no contact information and suspect delivery information (claims to have sent bike using overnight service and provides photocopy of UPS label, but UPS has not record of a pick up), I was also informed by UPS that it was processed using a corporate account from the NOKIA CORP. - who have no record of a Philip Newell. He was also reluctant to discuss any other payment methods such as C.O.D.

I am awaiting further communications from him, and will post info about actions so far if I do not hear back in the next couple of days.
re: Warning 'dale Gemini 900 being sold by Philip NewellSquizzle
Apr 12, 2003 7:50 AM
I inquired about this bike also. His original ad on mtbr said $800. When I asked if the bike was still for sale, and how could he be selling it for such a great price, his response was: "I can sell it to you for $950". I've asked him to send me pictures to prove that it is indeed new and in the box as he claims. I sent that message to him on Friday and have not yet had a response. It's seemed kinda fishy from the get go for me. Let's keep each other updated!

Norcal Bikers
This used to be call a Nigerian Scam, now it's Romanian Scam!davet
Apr 12, 2003 9:12 AM
There is quite a bit of this going on on RBR and on eBay. Red flags include incredibly low prices, Western Union or MoneyGram payments and most anything dealing with Romania. Does anyone truly think that someone in Romania, a very poor country, has new bikes for sale?
This used to be call a Nigerian Scam, now it's Romanian Scam!milk4you2
Apr 14, 2003 8:22 PM
Yeah it is....
Leonis Vierra" tried to sell me a new cannondale through EBAY. After I saw his picture i saw the EXACT same 3 pictures in an auction from a ligit seller from Colorado. Claimed the bike was given to him by his uncle. He could not produce a picture of it that I have not seen. Again Romania...Again Western Union. I gave him the link to MTB's website and a piece of my mind. A new Cannondale f3000sl for 500$ YEAH RIGHT>>>>beware of Leonis Vierra"

re: Warning 'dale Gemini 900 being sold by Philip Newellmuffletta
Apr 21, 2003 7:00 AM
Yes I also have had dealings similar to your experience. He told me to send the money to a Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt Germany at a bogus address. I called marriott and they had no hotel at that address. He told me that he was on a trip with his girl and that his father would send the bike. The return address on the scanned UPS label was also not able to be found on any of the map searches I looked on. And no record of his father Bryan Newel. I asked to have his phone number or his fathers phone number and no response. Fishy to me. His last note to me after i basically accused him of of being a con artist was. If my father will not sell the bike I will contact you when I get home. we shall see.