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Pisgah's for $430!(3 posts)

Pisgah's for $430!taabooes
Apr 11, 2003 8:49 AM
Found this site through - so what do you think of this auction for a Litespeed Pisgah?

I missed the Buy It Now, but have been conversing with the seller about buying outside ebay. Was floored when he wanted payment by Western Union or MoneyGram ONLY, and sent either to Romania or Belgium. Also, prior auctions list PayPal as a payment method, but he currently does not have a PayPal account open. All prior auctions by this seller have been through IL area (and no bikes until now), but he now lists Belgium for the bikes. It almost seems like someone has 'hijacked' the 'real' ourcountrylife's ebay id doesn't it? The seller absolutely refuses relisting bikes, PayPal,, etc. - not wanting to totally give up on this, I've told him that when I see positive feedback from the three Pisgah's he 'sold' on the auction above I'll consider it.

Finally, seller has provided me with two names/addresses in Romania and Belgium to receive the funds. Assuming this is NOT legit, how do I elevate this to higher authorities? I'm thinking about telling ebay about this being a 'potential fraud', but don't want to defame what appears to be an honest seller (with 100% positive feedback nonetheless)...

Sorry for the long post, look forward to any replies.

re: Pisgah's for $430!red_ellsworth
Apr 12, 2003 3:45 AM
Ebay has a verification program that crosschecks addresses with bank accounts and ccs, similar to Paypal. Without the verification there is high risk. It shows on the ID if you look someone up. Without it a person can generate his own feedback. I am sure the crooks are thinking faster than the techs at ebay, just look at virus hackers vs Macafee and the rest.
Pisgah's for $430!...DON'T DO IT!!!!!davet
Apr 12, 2003 6:57 AM
It's a scam! Are you guys stupid???? Are you that greedy that you will believe that you can buy something for such a HUGE price difference??? Western Union, MoneyGram, Romania should all be RED FLAGS to you!!! Wake up!!