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Overseas Fraud 2(3 posts)

Overseas Fraud 2olmanwifnoteef
Apr 7, 2003 8:34 AM
Just a heads up that I was nearly the victim of the documented type of fraud listed here (thanks to the good folks at the fraud division of MBNA it did not happen, they refused to make the transaction).

Numerous sellers on eBay are listing Ellsworth Id's at great prices (how about $900 USD????). All you have to do is send the equivalent of cash in the form of a Money Order, Western Union, or MoneyGram and this great deal can be yours....not.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. There are a lot of honest folks trading here, on eBay, and on other internet sites, however this new breed of criminal is making all of us who do business online uneasy.

What I've found out and what you should watch for:

1. Photo's are usually similar to each other, even if they are different bikes (look as if they are taken in the same room or stock photos).

2. Seller usually can't tell you much detail, but they keep insisting that if you make payment now you will get the bike, shipped free, very quickly.

3. Method of payment is always the equivalent of cash (Money Order, Western Union, MoneyGram).

4. Most emails will come from a different user ID than listed on auction site.

5. Sellers are usually registered in one country, list their location in another, and often ask for currency in GBP or something other than the currency of their registered country.

If you are suspicious, you have good reason. Let's be careful out there people!


re: Overseas Fraud 2olmanwifnoteef
Apr 7, 2003 8:58 AM
The seller, Ion Adrian Mateescu, is a registered eBayer with 40+ positive feedbacks (all from Australia), living in Roma Italy, but listed as the United States, and registered in Australia. His # is 40724725217. Watch out!
re: Overseas Fraud 2Luckycharmer
Apr 12, 2003 10:31 AM
I just had an interaction like this, though fortunately enough, I researched and found this warning before buying anything. Here's what happened so you can watch out for it:

I saw an ad for a 2003 SPECIALIZED BIG HIT PRO on Ebay. the starting price was $925. The seller was gus_richard_gus. His FEEDBACK was listed as PRIVATE. I emailed him to ask details about the bike and why his feedback was private. He told me it was because there was a lot of feedback fraud on Ebay (how ironic). All I got in the way of info about the bike was cut and pasted text from Specialized's website. He claimed he was selling out of Spain, as part of a group of companies that buy large quantities of goods.

As soon as I contacted him by email, the AUCTION WAS ENDED on Ebay. Seems he only wanted to snag a victim. He wouldn't tell me why he ended the auction. He only insisted that I send payment of $975 USD (which is ridiculously cheap for this bike) by WESTERN UNION for fast and cheap service. Obviously, I didn't.

BEWARE of deals like this.