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Steve Grunlan = Bad Trader(5 posts)

Steve Grunlan = Bad Traderdswain
Apr 4, 2003 8:28 PM
Seller had an ad for a 2003 Campagnolo Chorus brakeset. I responded to the ad and we agreed to a price and method of payment on March 16. Sent payment on March 17 and have not heard from seller since. Do not know whether payment arrived nor have I received the brakeset. Seller has not responded asking about payment, so I must presume that the payment arrived. Seller has since removed the ad and does not respond to email inquiries. D. Swain

Seller's vitals:
Steve Grunlan
3240 Hampshire Ave. South
St. Louis Park, MN 55426
re: Steve Grunlan = Bad Trader, let the world knowgttrek
Apr 6, 2003 11:12 AM
Yes folks Identify these bad traders, post their email
address their address phone number.
This will allow other good honest traders know who are the
ones that are bad
re: Steve Grunlan = Bad Trader, let the world knowHawkeye2
Apr 6, 2003 12:56 PM
I bought a bike from Steve about a year ago and had a great experience working with him. I think he will straighten it out. I hope it works out for you soon.
re: Steve Grunlan = Bad Trader, let the world knowfilipo23
Apr 7, 2003 8:04 PM
Yeah, well he tends to disappear a lot. He had some 2003 Ultegra pedals up for sale (for an astonishing $60) a couple of days ago. The ad had been up for (I think) two weeks. I e-mailed him, he replied telling me to send a check and they were mine -- which is to say, he seemed to think I would just jump on them without asking for more info (like why he was selling them, especially for so cheap) or pics, etc. I e-mailed him back, asking for info and pics; he never responded, and the ad was taken down.

I can't officially say he's a bad trader, since I never got the chance to actually trade with him, but he is a pretty lame salesman.
I bought a SID World Cup fork from Steve w/o any issues...great seller, IMHO (nm)SS_MB-7
Apr 29, 2003 9:44 AM