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Fraud Alert 2.01(2 posts)

Fraud Alert 2.01Spunout
Apr 3, 2003 5:39 AM
The western union money transfer sellers have alot of auctions on EBay and usually claim to be from Canada. The bikes are usually Treks and Cannondales with pics and ad copy from the manufacturers' websites.

I have been trying to get them off, but they show back up as new IDs continually. They have no feedback. When e-mailed, they are usually in Spain. I spoke with one duped buyer who wired money to Porto, Portugal and figures that he has been duped.
re: Fraud Alert 2.01OldTrekkie
Apr 11, 2003 2:43 PM
I have been tracjking the fraululent listings on e-bay for several days. They are almsot always for high end Trek and Cannondale bikes with the seller registered in Canada. Often the location and seller registration are not consistent. The pictures and description are lifted fromteh manufacturers website or another listing. The auctions are usual 5 days or less. If you e-mail the seller he will reply in broken English saying he is from Romania or Italy and offer a private sale if you wire him money by Western Union. He sometimes has 10-15 lsitings at any given time. The message - be careful and don't send any money until you are absolutely sure you are going to get a bike - I suggest that you only deal with people who will talk to you on the phone!