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henry smithers ( trader(1 post)

henry smithers ( traderroddw
Mar 20, 2003 5:48 PM
I responded to an add for a campy rear deraileaur posted by henry smithers on 1/26/02. On 1/27/02, I transferred the money to him via paypal, at his request--he said he was using a friends account--( When I did not recieve the deraileaur by 2/6/2002, I emailed henry and he said the deraileaur had been returned (broken), and would have to refund my money. To date, I have not received it. On numerous occasions he has promised to do so, but so far has not. I ran out of patience, hence this post. I have never had a problem dealing (buying or selling) with anyone on this site, until now--beware of henry smithers!

rodd wagner