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Use caution dealing with Ryan Olson of Victoria B.C.(2 posts)

Use caution dealing with Ryan Olson of Victoria B.C.Iron Mike
Mar 17, 2003 6:41 AM
I recently purchased a pair of Bontrager RaceXlites from Brian Olson which were advertised as being ridden only 500 kilometers (310) miles and in excellent condition. After promptly sending him a check for his asking price, I eventually received a pair of wheels which were far from "excellent" condition. The rear wheel had obviously been ridden on the rim after a flat and the rear brake pads had been improperly adjusted causing wear to the painted sidewall and decals. I have wheels with over a years use and 3000 miles that are in far better shape than these. Additionally, the wheels were shipped loose in a large, odd shaped, box with no padding, allowing them to rattle against each other in transit.

The point is, sellers have an obligation to accurately describe the condition of the items they are selling and these wheels were received in fair condition at best. His response was that he had already spent the money and would not offer a refund minus shipping charges. He suggested that I turn around and sell them to someone else. There is no way I can sell these wheels, in good conscience, for anywhere near the $500 I paid for them. I am very disappointed and would suggest that anyone use caution when dealing with this seller.
re: Ryan Olson of Victoria B.C. STAY OUT OF THE BIKING COMMUNITYgttrek
Mar 19, 2003 6:25 AM
I feel for you, individuals selling their bike parts and
claiming the parts to be in excellent condition and the real
truth is the parts are worn or damaged should stay off
this web site or any other site.
If you are thinking of advertising your bike parts, be honest
I think most bikers are honest nice peole.
This is a notice to all bikers that are dishonest
GO ADVERTISE your junk elsewhere !! like in a car junk yard classifieds.