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Mar 7, 2003 5:58 PM
Ales supposedly has a set of HED3's for sale on this website for 500$, and an extra 50$ for the wheelbags that come with it. I contacted him soon after he posted his ad here and we struck a deal. I asked if he could send some pictures of his wheels and he told me had didn't have access to a digital big deal to me. This is when I suggested using C.O.D. (cash on delivery) since it guarantees that the seller gets their money and the buyer gets their product. I thought this was the best way to go since I didn't know Ales and I couldn't find any reviews on his selling/buying history. Thinking this was fair, I suggested this method and explained the whole process of using C.O.D., since he said he was new to the U.S. and hadn't used any other shipping methods besides regular mail. After I explained how to ship C.O.D., Ales stopped writing to me. I wrote numerous emails over the next week asking him to respond and tell me if we still had a deal....he never wrote back. Finally, after passing up quite a few other good deals on other pairs of HED3's I wrote a last ditch email to my would be seller. I asked him one more time if we had a deal, and informed him that "IF HE DID NOT WRITE BACK" I would cancel the trade and write a bad seller comment on this website. The next day he wrote me a very threatening email that is inclued below, (I will omit the bad stuff):

This was the email I wrote to him before he responded:

> Ales, 3-6-03
> If you do not want to answer my questions then at least email me with your
> decision on whether or not you are going to sell your wheelset. I have been
> waiting for your decision and you have not written me back. Since that time
> I have passed up many other good deals on hed3 wheels because I thought we
> had a deal. So, IF YOU DO NOT WRITE BACK TO ME this will be my last email
> to you, you can consider the deal off, and I will write a bad seller remark
> on road bike about you. Please write back with your response,
> hopefully we can make a deal and ship C.O.D..
> Chris

This is his response to me:

> take it easy You Mother F****r!Write about me at all news,I dont care,the best news will be at IraQ news-GO there and DIE!All was only test, and You won,so You must go to War,blaaaaaa,die You F**K!See You in next life,Alex

So as you can see he wasn't very happy that I told him I would not deal with him anymore if he didn't respond. Speaking of which, his response surprised me, but it also made me a little angry because he threatened me. So, if anyone reading this has any contacts at the FBI or INS, it might not hurt to send this to them and possibly get an investigation going on him (I will be more than happy to provide all our other communications). He seems a little extremist to me, making threats and all to me and the U.S. and I bet anything he's on a VISA here since he said he's new to the country.

So anyway, after my detailed review of another "bad trader" I will close. Hopefully this will help save someone else from making an expensive I almost made.