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Michael J. Chaplin is a BAD TRADER!!!(2 posts)

Michael J. Chaplin is a BAD TRADER!!!krismacd
Feb 26, 2003 9:48 PM
I recommend not dealing at all with Michael J. Chaplin, of Fair Haven, New Jersey.


We agreed on a price for my frame and his last email to me was: Money Order on the way, you will have it in two days via USPS priority mail. I waited five days and still no money order.
At first, I figured it is called snail mail for a reason and decided to give it another day. Still nothing. In the meantime my suspicions build and I start looking around Good Trader/Bad Trader reviews. I find that he has some bad reviews from the past. I didn't check beforehand because he was forthright with his address and phone number--gee, Wally, he must be an honest guy. After festering for two days, today I emailed him telling him I was concerned about not getting the money and telling him about his previous bad reviews, sending him copies of each one. I asked him to prove my suspicions wrong, show me that I have foot-in-mouth disease. I said it was fine if he hadn't sent the money yet, or he didn't have the money yet, or he changed his mind, but just tell me.
He responded to the email telling me that he got held up at work and that I was way out of hand...FORGET IT...keep the frame. Obviously, he hadn't sent the money like he said, and wasn't willing to tell me that I was just being paranoid.
I figure that what he was planning on doing was telling me the money was on the way and gambling on whether or not I sent the frame without first receiving payment, getting a free frame. Lucky for me I do business like every honest company I've done business with: wait until payment received, then deliver.
Really, I am out nothing money wise. But dealing with dishonest people like Michael J. Chaplin really takes the heart out of trading. MTBR is an awesome website for anything mountain biking, and Michael J. Chaplin demoralizes everything on which the website and sport is built. If you do a search on his name you will find the other "bad reviews."
re: Michael J. Chaplin is a BAD TRADER!!!gttrek
Feb 28, 2003 11:36 AM
Yeah it is ashamed that people promises to buy but does not
come through.
I guess that is the nature of the business.
I willing to bet this happens on regular retail, people coming in promising to come back, no show.