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Ashly Appling is a crook!!!!!(2 posts)

Ashly Appling is a crook!!!!!1 soulrider
Feb 3, 2003 11:29 AM
This guy (yes Ashly is a guy) Screwed me over. Here is the story, I made an offer on a fork he was selling that he turned down. I few weeks later I got an email form him saying he would sell me the fork if I still wanted it. I promtly sent him the money. After a few weeks of not hearing from him, I started sending emails asking what was up. After another week or so he finally anwsered, saying there had been a mix up. He claimed he had forgotten that he had sold it to somone else?? It still took two more weeks after this for me to see my money order returned. So he kept my money for about six weeks for a fork he had already sold. I guess I'm just happy I got my money back... A friend of mine who bought some parts from him (before we realized how this guy works) is still waiting for the parts that Ashly told him were shipped first week of December. When my friend questioned him about this, he said I'm an honest guy I wouldn't rip anyone off... Then he suggested the parts had been lost in the mail. Bottom line - don't send this guy any money, at best you may get your $ back after a long struggle. I have bought and sold on this site and others for a couple years, and this guy is one of only two traders I've found to be dishonest. Ashly's email address is:
re: Ashly Appling is a crook!!!!!Dnav
Feb 6, 2003 1:48 PM
I was one of the first to "buy" parts from this guy. In late Dec., I tried to get him to send me stuff COD , and he skirted around that for a week. Then he said to use his paypal acct. which I did . I sent him the $$ via paypal, and asked him to give me traking #, but he left at work. Then after a few more emails to him, he said he lost my addy. Then a week later he said that the goods showed up back at his house with wrong addy. Finally I told him not to send stuff, just give me a refund. He replied that stuff was in mail, again. STILL NO TRAK # !! So I filed a complaint through Paypal on Feb 3 and that is when I finally got a trakn #. Here it is Feb 6 and pkg is here. Oh yeah, this was my first on line shopping experince. I honestly think that had I just waited for the goods , I would have been scewed. Paypal tells me that you only have a 30 day window to file a complaint / try to get a refund. If anyone else out there has givin the guy $$. GOOD LUCK !!