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Overseas Salesred_ellsworth
Jan 27, 2003 3:33 PM
After many years of being in a high pressure job I took a job in a bike shop. I have posted on MTBR as well as E-Bay. For those who have dealt with me before you know how hard I work to make sure there is a good deal for both sides. I got contacted by a guy in Indonesia. No problem on price and the CC name matched the name on the shipment but c/o which should have raised the alarm. After completing the sale he wanted a C-40. I gave him a fair price and he gave me another CC#. This time I called the bank in Indonesia through the clearing house and was told that it was probably a stolen card. Bottom line is the guy disappeared after I asked for an IMO or wire transfer. I don't know yet what will happen with the sale of the first Colnago. We have been paid but I feel a little stupid about not going through all my checks as I would have done but I was so anxious to make the sale because you really die in Jan and Feb in the Northeast. I am not looking to embarrass myself but thought my experience might help some of you who are approached by overseas buyers. If it sounds too good it usually is. Anyway, I am enjoying the bike business although one of the two stores burned down before X Mas and it was a lousy season for everyone. I am an Ellsworth & Colnago dealer which is kind of fun but right now there is no money in the NYC area. It really is depressed here and it is cold. If it weren't for the BMX kids blowing up their bikes once a week business would really be non existent. Trouble is I have to fix them. My best to all for the New Year.
Bruce aka Red Ellsworth