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Reader beware when it comes to advice on weight training(1 post)

Reader beware when it comes to advice on weight trainingPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Jan 18, 2003 10:29 AM
I posted this thread below but I feel it raises important points when people come on here asking for advice especially on weights. People on this forum are great about answering questions when it comes to anything. However, when it comes to weights with not many experts on this forum (althought there are some) there is a lot of well-intentioned misinformation which might not work great or could lead to injury as well.

Heres my post.


I'm a fan of this forum in that people are willing to help other people drawing on their own experience. With shoes/pedals/components... even some training this is great.

However, once you get into excercises especially in the weight room if you weigh anyones advice greater than another person you may be in for some trouble. Out of all the people that answered at best I believe 2 are physiotherapists/personal trainers/or someone else with a lot of knowledge in this area. And although there was some good advice there was some bad as well.

For example a very well intentioned post doing leg press with you feet narrow since they are that width while pedalling. Great advice if we pedalled both legs at the bottom then kicked over instead of having the pedals opposite to each other. So you may go into the weight room and do this, however since your legs are so narrow you may 1) not be able to lift as much and 2) it may not be comfortable or even worse detrimental to your body. I've never leg pressed with my feet narrow so I don't know how it feels.

Irregardless though the weight room is a place to build strength which doesn't mean you must use the exact same range of motion as cycling. You just need to use your legs. Then with a periodized program over time you should shrink the ranges of motion to mimmick the cycling pedal stroke as much as possible where it will allow and do big gear stuff on the bike. Also remember size does not need to come with more strength.

I'd recommend spending the money on a personal trainer. But pick wisely... talk to a couple personal trainers with a kinesiology degree then pick the one who either seems the most knowledgable and talks about periodization and doesn't seem like they just want to get you in to make money off you. This way you spend the X ammount of money to get good coaching on your form and a good periodized program. You may need to go back a couple times especially when you change your program every month or two but in the long run you'll be less susceptible to injury and will have exponentially larger gains than if you try to figure it out on your own.