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Silas Gattucio/Rusty Oatman/Sohail Tabba FRAUD $1800(3 posts)

Silas Gattucio/Rusty Oatman/Sohail Tabba FRAUD $1800Tim in Wi
Nov 29, 2002 12:02 PM
Back in August, I negotiated a deal for my Intense Uzzi Sl for $1800. Rusty asked for it to be shipped to

Rusty Oatman
532 Paper Ridge Lane
Lawrenceville, GA

I did shipped it to him. He requested it be sent FedEx COD, yet FedEx does not do COD for ground. On trust, I sent it anyway, and emailed to request he send a check to me. For some reason, it was denied for delivery (by Rusty) twice, and made several trips from Chicago to Atlanta in a 22 day period. Then it was mysteriously delivered to Green Bay, GA (250 miles from Lawrenceville), but nobody signed for it. Rusty refuses to answer his email, which is He says his name is Rusty, yet the email comes in with the name "Silas Gattucio". He has refused to answer email since the bike was sent.

Upon further investigation, there is no Rusty Oatman at that address. A person by the name of Sohail Tabba resides there, yet refuses that the bike was ever delivered. FedEx insists that it was delivered, yet they left it without a signature.

I dont know whether to blame FedEx or Rusty for this, since both seem to have really screwed up. They claim they delivered it to the address listed, yet on the tracking it is listed as being delivered 250 miles away without a signature. The other thing is that Rusty doesnt exist at the address I sent it to, and also refuses to answer email. I think there may be a fraud bigger than I know happening here, maybe someone who works for FedEx? If anyone has any information about this, please let me know at velotimbe at hotmail dot com.
Unless you checked the box that said,Dave Hickey
Nov 29, 2002 2:17 PM
"OK to deliver without signature", FedEx is at fault. File a claim with FedEx. It's FedEx's responsibility to provide you with a proof of delivery.
Ouch !getinthesufferzone
Dec 3, 2002 12:54 PM
Well look at it this way Tim, you've probably lost so many calories stressing out on this deal that you're well on your way to becoming the leanest, meanest Clydesdale in cheese country. Better for the climbing, eh ?