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Do NOT trust Pete Baumeister from Tulsa!!!!!!!!!(1 post)

Do NOT trust Pete Baumeister from Tulsa!!!!!!!!!John Boy
Nov 25, 2002 5:08 AM
Bought a "good as new", supposedly hardly ridden, two month old bike from this guy. The fork was obviously not this way as I had to get the fork rebuilt and new seals put on it. Plus other things like the brake wear and the chain were distinct indicators of this bike's age. He told me he would pay for the rebuild and of couse I have not heard back from him since. I asked him to send me a copy of the receipt for the bike and he told me he never got one. Why would someone buy a $3,000 bike and NOT get a receipt. The whole deal smells real fishy to me, as does this guy. He has some cock-a-mamy story about 5 of his bikes getting stolen and his insurance paid for all of them, so the bike his is selling are all almost brand new, as he harldy has time to ride because he is a medical student. He did have a couple other Specialized bikes for sale on mtbr. The frame and most everything else were in decent shape, but I just hate getting lied to.