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Wrench Science - Any Thoughts?(3 posts)

Wrench Science - Any Thoughts?Chadman101
Oct 26, 2002 9:54 AM
re: Wrench Science - Any Thoughts?Rockbottom
Oct 26, 2002 7:23 PM
I just received a ML-7 from Wrench Science and it came with a number of problems.
1)Steerer tube cut to short, after I had explained how many spacers I wanted the bike to be built up with.
2)Star Nut incorrectly installed, it was not in straight
3)Wrong installed saddle
4)Wrong installed stem
5)Front disk brake was leaking and incorrectly adjusted. I had to re-bleed the line myself.
6)Mark in downtube, due to tie-wrap used in shipping the bike
7)Rear der. was not adjusted correctly
8)Disk brake bolts not safety wired (XT brakes)
Also the saddle that was suppose to be on the bike, was not shipped back to me until I called for the third time. Be very carefull when choosing Wrench Science. I had to spend alot of my time and extra money getting the bike correctly finished in order to ride.

Try Speedgoat!!

Cheers RockBottom.
Oct 27, 2002 8:52 AM
I am getting sick of seeing the same "Wrench Science - Any Thoughts?" quote on every consumer reviews forum. This is the 8th time I have found it now. It is obviously someone from there trying to stimulate traffic on their site. It is always a differnt user, but the exact same quote.