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Rick Pettet is not to be trusted(1 post)

Rick Pettet is not to be trustedncbiker
Oct 19, 2002 7:33 AM
Rick Pettet lies about everything he posts. He posted a gt xizang saying that it was brand new and had never been built up or ridden. When i called him he confirmed that it was still in the box. When i recieved the frame it was evident that the bike had been both built up and ridden. The headtube had scratches from where a headset had been pressed, there was cable rub on the headtube, scraches on the bb where the chain had come off, the seatube had scrathes from the front der, there was dirt on the frame, the inside of the chainstays were scrathed and still had tire rub on them and the pic he sent me showed the decals in a different place than on the frame i got obviously due to the bike being relabled. Rick Pettet is not to be trusted. Steer clear from this person. He will lie to your face.