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O2 bikes on ebay(5 posts)

O2 bikes on ebayThaddeus
Oct 17, 2002 6:39 AM
Anyone have any info on O2 bikes, sellers on ebay? I have seen a lot of their stuff listed recently, but their user id, complete with sunglasses, indicates they are new...


Oct 17, 2002 2:42 PM
Consensus seems to be.... apparently complete with a new paypal account. Ad copy and format appears virtually identical.
Oct 18, 2002 9:27 AM
Thats what I was thinking...

too bad.
If you do an ID history check...Qubeley
Oct 18, 2002 7:17 PM
It is "bikesandbeyond"!!!
Actually, both of you guys are correct .....getinthesufferzone
Nov 12, 2002 11:43 AM
The entity started selling as "your bike source" in April 2002 and is still selling under that name.

It then appears that they opened a completely new e-bay account roughly a month later under the name "bikes and beyond." Then they changed their id. to "o2bikes" in Sept of this year.

Overall they have a positive feedback with some scattered negatives and neutrals that appear to be due to shipping snafus and tardy e-mail replies most likely due to under-staffing (they sell ALOT of stuff) rather than attitude or dishonesty.

They are located in Fullerton, Ca. (1-800-97-BIKES) which coincidentally just happens to be the city in which is located the bike shop that Jasen Thorpe (no affiliation with yourbikesource or o2bikes) of Mountain Bike Magazine (he did a good article on the TransRockies this month) used to be a mechanic. Small world, eh?

As an aside, Jasen just happens to probably be the only guy from MBM or MBA who knows what the hell he is talking about and isn't biased by the marketing hype from the bike and component companies attempting to keep the whole industry viable by introducing the newest mouse trap that consumers just have to buy.

In other words, he doesn't speak out of the side of his mouth - even though he broke his jaw - back in the day.