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ZACH McNUTT bad trader!! VERY EVIL!!(1 post)

ZACH McNUTT bad trader!! VERY EVIL!!Rockbottom
Oct 7, 2002 6:22 AM
I had a deal with Zach concerning a XTR crank. After his second e-mail I was nice enough to include a XTR B.B. as well. We had a deal on a price and payment method, and he said he was going to send a check. After I had sent the package to him he started backing out of the deal saying he could find a better deal on a new crankset (Zach has to remember that most of the parts sold on this web site are used not new). Long story short, each time he sent an e-mail he was asking for a lower price or not to pay shipping. He did end up buy a new crankset from the Ebay web site and sent me a e-mail saying he would not send back my parts, until I sent him money for return shipping. He finally sent the package back to me (after I phoned and talked to his mommy and daddy), "he said on September 9th" but I just received the package and it was post marked on the 25th of Septmeber. This is why he did not provide me with any shipping information until the end of the month, and he spent a whole $2.26 on shipping it across the country. I lost four chances to sell these parts to other people on MTBR. DO NOT TRUST OR DEAL with Zach McNutt, 651 High Field Road, Tuscaloosa AL 35405. He is a liar and when given the opporunity will screw you over!! He also gos by mtbikerman, again do not deal with this little dick!!