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Problems with
Sep 23, 2002 6:14 PM
It is now over 3 weeks since I placed an order with saddlesore a British mail order company, and as yet I am still yet to recieve the product. I have emailed the saddlesore twice without any response and called them on numerous occasions only to get a busy dial tone on the other end of the line. The website is still operational happily taking money from buyers but whether it's delivering that is another story. Is there anything that I can do if I do not recieve my purchase and cannot contact this company?
re: Problems with
Oct 10, 2002 3:33 PM
Yep same here except it's been over six weeks. I've sent at least a dozen e-mails with no response. Same thing with the phone calls. I'm going to take it up with my credit card co. next. GOOD LUCK!!!