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Mike Carron will rip you off!(1 post)

Mike Carron will rip you off!Shrumple
Aug 31, 2002 6:39 AM
Bought Mike Carron's ( "as new" Intense Uzzi DH out of the MTBR classifieds section. Spoke to him on the telephone about the bikes condition and, according to him, the ONLY problem was with the stickers. Okay, I thought, Intense stickers come off. But, he said, no scratches, dents, dings. "Barely ridden." The term "good" could be considered ambiguous, but I think anybody would agree that "as new" means just that.

Anyway, the bike shows up and before I pulled it out of the box I knew he'd tried to rip me off. First of all, the box was "packed" with garbage. Literally. Pulled it out, and, surprise, it's all f'ed up. Scratches, stress warping on the mono sections of the frame, etc. Rear shock broken. Front Jr.T has cracked crowns. Wheels are nowhere near "brand new" as I'd been told. The bike had clearly been ridden A LOT... and hard.

Pissed off I called a bunch of times, threatened to sue in small claims court, blah, blah, blah. In the end, he took the bike back, but he still owes me money for shipping (which I don't expect to see). Cost me cash for shipping, Paypal... plus it's just a colossal pain in the ass.

Now I noticed he's got the bike listed again ( with NO more information than before. BEWARE!