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Aug 21, 2002 7:41 PM
I am posting this just to let everyone know how the people who run Chicagoland Bicycle treat their friends, then you can make the call as to how they may treat customers...
I loaned my R.V. to the owner who I have considered a friend for over 7 years. We agreed to him renting it for a week. My R.V. had been gone for a month and when I had to go get it myself (nobody called me to even let me know it was back), food had been left in the fridge and overhead bins. Needless to say the smell from the meat left inside was unbearable. The R.V. was over-run with flies and maggots. I spent about 15 hours of my time cleaning it out, and there is still a slight smell of rotten meat in the freezer. The owner of Bicycle to this day will not accept my phone calls and has made no effort to rectify the situation. All I wanted was an apology and the money we agreed to for him to rent the motorhome for a week.
I feel that if this reaches only a few fellow cyclists, and those cyclists don't patronize his store, I somehow feel vindicated with him losing out on a sale. I hope you will join with me to avoid Bicycle.
I am available for questions and comments at:

Thanks for your time.