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Jul 29, 2002 9:37 AM
Hello, We have been selling thomson stems and seatposts, as well as some other items, on these boards for a bout 3 months now. We have had over 200 succesful orders filled. The last month we have encountered many, many problems though. All of a sudden, items that we were shipping were supposedly not arriving, boxes were arriving ripped open, etc. Due to our EXTREMELY low markup, we could not afford delivery conforation/insurance without raising our prices. We stopped dealing about 3 weeks ago. Apparently there were some loose ends that we had not taken care of sufficently. We apologize for the hassles, and don't want you to think we were running some type of scam. We are no longer selling anything, but if you have placed an order with us that has not been taken care of, please contact us and we will do everything necessary to correct the situation. Thank you