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dominic van nielen/gorideyourbike@hotmail. cannot be trusted(2 posts)

dominic van nielen/gorideyourbike@hotmail. cannot be trustedearlw
Jul 27, 2002 12:59 PM
I purchased a 2001 giant nrs air from Dominic Van Nielen ( in early April 2002 and have still not recieved everything that was promised in the original deal. Dominic has tried to bullshit me and replace advertised parts with lesser quality parts after I had allready paid in full. Specifically: I paid for the bike in early April 2002. In all fairness, dominic broke his leg right after, so there was an initial shipping delay and his Mom eventually packaged everything up and got it to UPS. When the bike arrived, it was missing both the time ATACS and shimano flight deck that were advertised to come with the bike. Given that Dominic had recently broken his leg, I cut him alot of slack. However, after over 2 months and a number of repeated excuses, I still had not recieved either item. at this point dominic promised to send both new pedals and computer. 3 months later I recieve a beaten up pair of used ATACS without the cleats and no computer (after he promised new pedals and computer to me). I had to threaten to report his behavior to his boss (in his ad he associates himself with the Bike Source in Kingwood Texas) and report him to both ebay bad trader forum and MTBrev bad trader forum. This caught his attention. Approximately 3 1/2 motnhs after the original deal, I recieved the new ATACS and a Cateye enduro (a $20 computer vs a top of the line $100 flight deck). I would not recommend buying anything from this guy. He does not value his promises and is completely unreliable. I can forward our email communications to anyone that would like to verify the statements I have made.
re: dominic van nielen/gorideyourbike@hotmail. cannot be trustedearlw
Aug 1, 2002 2:22 PM
Updated status on Dominic Van Neilen; after a number of conversations with Dominic, it turns out that he was acting as a front man for the manager at the bike shop he works at. The actual owner/seller of the bike is W. Ryan McCullough ( the bike source in Kingwoood texas. This gut is a real coward, he allowed Dominic to remain as a middle man between a pissed off buyer (myself) and a dishonest seller (wrm). This has been going on for 4 months now and only now has Dominic finally cracked and confessed. i have not heard from wrm once during this entire process. It's actually ironic that his initials are wrm, because from my dealings with him through ryan, he is quite a worm! I can provide email verification of all conversations referenced within this post for anyone that needs them.