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not honest seller -gregg & jonathon canfield, makeswebs@aol.(1 post)

not honest seller -gregg & jonathon canfield, makeswebs@aol.agallager
Jul 25, 2002 2:11 PM
I purchased a dual slalom bike from He rides on the same team as my boyfriend (in another state) so when I asked about the condition of the bike and the feasibility of changing it over to a CC bike I assumed I would be getting a truthful answer (my first mistake). I also knew exactly what components come with the bike.
The bike was advertised in excellent condition, the headset was bent, the front fork was busted, the rear shock lock-out was broken, the tires were worn down to the wire beading, they conveniently forgot to include the pedals, and a skewer for the rear wheel. They had said they could give me a triple chain ring to convert the bike which I thought that was great, but they forgot to mention they they had shaved down the cranks making it not convertable.
When I asked them about replacing the broken and missing pieces, they said no problem. Three weeks later I called them wondering where the pieces were (considering they said it would take 2-3 days). They finally sent stuff to me, off of a KMart quality bike. They told me to call Chris King and Rock Shox to get those components fixed myself. Along with the parts was not the nicest note telling me they wouldn't deal with this anymore. They already had my money so short of getting a lawyer, I had no recourse except to sell the bike at a loss and be truthful in the ad.
They actually sent me everything they said they would but not in the condition or quality they had said everything was. Beware of the quality from this seller!