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Avoid dealing with Michael J. Chaplin(2 posts)

Avoid dealing with Michael J. Chaplindvancleve
Jul 15, 2002 11:11 AM
I have had a not-good transaction with this seller.

I contacted him about the truing stand listed in ad #23903 "Park TS2 Truing Stand and new Bench Base - $100". He responded in less than an hour saying that he also had a Park "shop model" (his words) dishing tool that he wanted $20 for. I offered $130 shipped for the stand, base and dishing tool and he accepted. I PayPal'ed him the $ on 6/12 after hearing back from him 3x by e-mail. His last e-mail said "I can have it on a UPS Truck By Thursday at 12:00 noon" which was 6/13.

I sent several e-mails asking for tracking #, etc. over the next week or so with no response at all. I discovered in the meantime that there was already a complaint against Michael in the Good Trader-Bad Trader forum <RAMSEY "DON'T BUY ANYTHING FM CHEATER- MICHAEL CHAPLIN!!!!!" 5/10/02 8:15am>. On 6/24 I filed a complaint with PayPal for non-receipt of goods.

I heard back from him that afternoon apologizing for losing track of things and promising a tracking number by 6PM that night. I did get a tracking number a day or so later, but it showed that the stuff was shipped out 6/26. When it arrived, the truing stand was rusty and the dishing tool was not correct model or brand. At some point, PayPal refunded me the odd amount of $25.85(?) which I ended up sending back to Michael after closing out the complaint.

I requested that he let me return the dishing tool for the $20 he wanted for it, but he only offered to take all of it back and give me a refund after reselling it. Clearly I have no interest in Michael having my money and the goods at the same time, so I guess that is it. Long story short, I didn't get truly ripped off since I have something to show for my $, but I HIGHLY recommend avoiding this seller. I have e-mail documenting everything so feel free to drop me line if you need more info...

re: Avoid dealing with Michael J. Chaplindavet
Jul 15, 2002 3:41 PM
Now, in my opinion, this is a GREAT post and the proper way to file a 'Bad Trader' posting. It is clear and concise, logically laid out, seemingly factual and non-emotional.