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Exchange Money/Bike?(2 posts)

Exchange Money/Bike?PBLed
Jul 12, 2002 9:13 AM
I'm new at this, but when you want to buy a bike from someone through a classified ad, what is the best, fairest way to exchange the bike for the money without anyone getting ripped off?
re: Exchange Money/Bike?jasonwa
Jul 13, 2002 7:20 PM
1. get their phone number and call them. if they write you back and dont give you their number or even hesitate ,look somewhere else. 2.have a long talk with them,get to know them,trust your matter how good a deal it seems,trust your instincts. 3.know their the net for the nearest bike shop to the seller. the bike shop and tell them your intentions. you want the seller to bring the bike in and for the shop to wrap the bike ,box it up,insure it and send it to you.they will tell you a price for doing this. the seller back and tell him where to go. you want him to go there after you have sent the bike shop his asking price and the bike shop fee/shipping price. 6.the seller will be happy to do this and so will the bike shop.the bike shop is your third party and is best at boxing up bikes because they care and own bikes.get the tracking number from the shop and you will know almost exactly what day the bike will be at your door. 7. Pay with two seperate postal money for the seller and one for the bike shop. i would also recomend sending it express mail (2 or 3 days)w/signature confirmation. regular mail could take 5 days or never and that could be a lot of money to waste.