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Jul 9, 2002 7:06 AM
I sold Greg a set of brand new Zipp wheels from Canada,we had decided on a price,but he claimed he claimed he was having difficulty paying me by paypal,but,he need the wheels for an upcoming race.So I went ahead had the wheels custom built(I use a local wheelbuilder to custom lace and build all my wheels I sell.)Then I would ship them to him and he would send me a money order for the wheels.
It ended up I couldn't get the wheels to him until the Monday after his race,unless I wanted to spend a lot of money to send them overnight,so on the weekend he bought another set of wheels.In the end he refused to buy the wheels I sent him,but has never returned them back to me,he claims he did,I say he "SCREWED" me for the wheels.
I took a chance on sending him the wheels,with nothing in my pocket,true enough I couldn't get them to him for his race,but, I did send them to him neverless.
Generally cyclist are a great group of people,and yes I am to trust worthy,but, I learned my lesson.
If anyone knows,or has dealt with Greg Kelman please contact me.When it comes down to it he STOLE a set of very expensive wheels from me.
Doug Blades